Privacy statement

Throughout our website you will occasionally have the option to complete various forms, within which you may be asked to provide personal data such as your name, your telephone number, your e-mail address or a postal address etc.  Please be assured that UNIT4 Business Software makes every effort to process and store any personal data in such a way that your privacy is protected and guaranteed.

1.1.1.       Personal data

If you choose to complete an information request, application/registration form or contact UNIT4 Business Software via some other means, your personal data will be saved by UNIT4 Business Software and used to answer your request or review your application etc.  Any information sent to UNIT4 Business Software will be treated as confidential and will not be made available to 3rd parties, unless required by law or the judicial authorities, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If you receive an email unexpectedly from UNIT4 Business Software, or wish to opt out of future phone calls, emails, or any other direct communications, please let us know by emailing

1.1.2.       Cookies

Our website makes use of cookies. Cookies are small files that are placed on a computer’s hard disk by a server and can only be recognised by that specific server. Cookies are used for personalisation services and for gathering information to evaluate visits to, and the use of, our website.  They are not used to register personal information or any particulars that can be traced back to you individually.

While many browsers accept cookies by default automatically, adjusting the preferences in your browser usually allows you to refuse or selectively accept certain cookies.  Turning off cookies altogether may mean some features of our site and others will no longer be available to you and you may find that some web pages do not display correctly.

UNIT4 Cookies




UNIT4 Essential Site Cookie


A standard server generated cookie which is required for
the use of the information basket and document library. This cookie also allows us to pre-fill the forms on the website for the duration of your visit.

No sensitive information is stored in this cookie and it expires when you leave the site or close your browser.

UNIT4 User Information


A user tracking cookie which is used to help us see how visitors browse our web site. This helps us continually improve the functionality and architecture of our web site.

No sensitive information is stored in this cookie.

UNIT4 User Information

Active, Name, Email

These cookies are laid after a user completes any form on the UNIT4 website. They hold non-sensitive information provided by the user so that other forms on the site can be pre-populated with the users name and email address.

UNIT4 User Information


Once a user has completed the document checkout process this cookie will enable them to access all other document downloads without having to complete the checkout form again.

UNIT4 Cookie "opt-in" Status


If set, this shows that a user has chosen to accept further cookies from the current site.

 Third Party Cookies




Google Anaytics

__utma to __utmz

Site wide visitor tracking. For more information on Google's cookie usage please visit their policy page.



These cookies are set when a youtube video is embedded into a webpage and are used, according to the privacy page, to store information on user preferences and how the user interacts with Google services.


hsfirstvisit, hubspotutk, hubspotutk, hubspotvm, hubspotvw

Site wide visitor tracking.

__stid, __uset

The __uset cookie is set to true to indicate that a user has been cookied and to not repeat the task in the next 8 hours. The __stid cookie is the Share This ID to identify user session.

1.1.3.       Amendments to this privacy statement

UNIT4 Business Software reserves the right to amend this privacy statement without prior notice. Any such amendments will take effect as soon as they have been posted on the website.



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